How it started

Thirty years of tradition and design expertise

put into a new concept of

creating  jewelry

Founded by the designer’s father, a longtime sailor, whose love for jewelry and stones brought him to the Polish coastal town of Gdansk. The family run factory have been manufacturing jewelry pieces made with baltic amber stones for over three decades.
The jewelry is exquisitely handcrafted in the factory by a team of highly experienced jewelers, who are dedicated to creating the highest quality pieces. The factory is based in Gdansk, Poland what is nowadays known as the international hub for amber jewelry pieces.


Maugo, from early years surrounded by jewelry, have grown up to the buzzing sound of polishers in her father’s studio before launching her own brand in 2020.

  • Today Malgosia has embarked on her own journey to create an international brand that combines cutting-edge designs and forward thinking with the older sensibility and imagination of past decades. Her work is mainly focused on craft and timelessness with a modern twist.
  • All Maugo jewelry is designed and handctafted in Poland using the highest quality materials. Pieces are made from 14K gold or sterling silver. All stones are natural and ethically sourced from all over the globe.

We believe

We believe in jewelry as an expression of self: that it can mean whatever you want; that you can wear it when you want, buy it when you want, gift it, celebrate with it, reward yourself with it and keep it forever.   We create jewelry that is made to last a lifetime - the kind you will invest in and pass down. Whether it's your first fine jewelry purchase or an addition to your collection of timeless pieces - each piece of Maugo jewelry is carefully designed to stand the test of time. Heirlooms inspired by you and your many moments lived.